Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapture Thwarted! A new NC State blog is born!

So, what else is new.  Some yahoo thinks he is so much better than everyone else, that he needs to start a sports blog about NC State.  Well, maybe not better than everyone else, but at least better than some of these blogs out there! (I kid, I kid!).

I wanted to start by saying: This blog will be new, it will be different, it will be exciting, it will help you lose 25 lbs  in 6 days and cure erectile dysfunction.  However, since lying would get this blog off on the wrong foot, I cannot make any of these claims.

If you are still reading after that disappointment, you are either really, really, bored...a big State fan hungry for any information, or a very bored State fan hungry for information.  If thats you, then this is for you!

Where we will be different is that we will take a common sense approach to NC State sports, and try to put issues in perspective.  Where most blogs seem to want to earn the "Lunatic Fringe" seal of approval, we want to be the common sense voice of the Fan.  You may agree or disagree with the views expressed here, but they will be well reasoned and fair.

We also will give coverage to non-revenue sports as well, as they are very important to the University and rarely get any mention at all (BassPack-- we are coming your way!!)

Thanks for coming on this ride with us.  Whether we are talking to one person or a thousand, me and my staff thank you for stopping by.


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