Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Harrow to Kentucky: A very smart decision

I'll admit it....Ryan Harrow was in my doghouse for most of his freshman year at NC State.  I questioned his work ethic, his motivation, his abilities.  And when he decided to leave the Wolfpack and "reopen his recruitment", I wished him well.  It was the right thing for both parties, and would give him and NC State a fresh start.

His selection to go to Kentucky is a smart decision, and really speaks to Calipari's smarts and savviness in recruiting.  Signing Harrow to be the practice team point guard will no doubt benefit both Ryan and UK.  He will be a great player to practice against for the next four years for the starting Wildcat guards.  He will get to have the opportunity to learn a lot of different systems while running the opposition's sets.

I have never seen a coach recruit a player strictly for the practice team like Cal did here, but it is brilliant.  Also, it's a good decision for Ryan because he won't have the pressure of playing on gamedays, and wont have to deal with the fickle UK fans, or getting dressed out.  He will be able to focus on what shoes he will be wearing the next day, what he is going to tweet about, and other ways to garner internet attention.

And, who knows, dreams can come true.  He could be the UK version of "Rudy", a small, undersized practice player who always dreams of putting on the blue and white on gameday.  With Cal playing the part of Dan Devine, I can just hear the chants of "Ryan" echoing through Rupp Arena.

He really doesn't think he is going to actually play?  Does he?  Really?  In the immortal words of Carl Lewis, "uh oh!".

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